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Michael Sparks

Available for DJ Sets

From his bedroom to sold-out venues, MICHAEL SPARKS is an prolific producer and DJ known for his groovy basslines and breakbeat inspired productions that focuses on crisp percussions and hip-hop rawness.


Native from Brossard, a city just a little south of Montreal Canada, Michael began producing at a young age in the comfort of his grandparents basement to escape the boredom of the suburbs - From hardstyle to hip-hop instrumentals no style was out of reach.

With an ever-evolving sound, Michael has been pushing not only the boundaries of electronic dance music, but also himself by keeping away from beaten paths by blending genres and mixing elements from a wide array of influences into his own.


Garnering the attention of not only the crowds he mesmerizes with his highly energetic and infectious live performances, but also his peers with impeccable sound designs - Michael is making it his mission to bring something new to the table.

To Book (Excl. US) :

+44 (0) 7747 397 494

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Michael Sparks
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