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Mob Tactics

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For over a decade, MOB TACTICS have garnered a reputation for delivering consistently big tunes that have resonated with DJs and fans.


With clear influences from the 90s rave era and early Neurofunk, the transatlantic duo take great pride in creating music for people to dance to—and more importantly, music that will be remembered. They consider themselves producers who like to think outside the box when it comes to music creation; to forge their own path and sound rather than follow the pack, and ultimately, to leave behind a legacy catalogue they can be proud of - Quality over quantity sits at the heart of their ethos. 

From humble beginnings, self-releasing music and pushing their sound to the masses, to working with highly revered imprints such as: Viper, MTA, and Eatbrain—which saw the release of well-received hits such as Get Dirty, The Answer, and the obscenely funky Dinosaur Rock EP, respectively—the pair now find themselves mainstays at Andy C’s seminal imprint, RAM Records.


After a string of successful singles and EPs with RAM, Luke and Mark took a short hiatus to rebuild their studio and work on fresh material; and as we enter the new year, the fruits of their labours are ready to be heard by the world.


If you’ve ever witnessed a Mob Tactics DJ set, you’ll be familiar with their unique brand of high-octane track selection that spans the sub-genres of drum and bass, whilst reaching for upfront dubplates and classics from yesteryear! 


Their reputation for the ability to tear down any club, festival, or rave has kept them consistently busy touring the globe—from EDC, Bass Canyon and repeated bookings at all the respected club-nights stateside, to the likes of Printworks, Fabric and Let It Roll in Europe, their DJ skills remain in constant demand. Furthermore, their monthly Mobcast has built up an unbreakable rapport with their fanbase—something they consider to be of paramount importance.


With 10-plus-years already in the books, the dynamic duo feels like the sky’s the limit, and they have no plans on slowing down any time soon…


Watch. This. Space.

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Mob Tactics
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