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Mrs Magoo

Available for DJ Sets

MRS MAGOO has hit the Jungle and Drum and Bass scene, with affiliations with (Deep in the Jungle, The Bellyman Show, Jungle Splash, Goat Shed). 

With three nominations and one award for 'Best Female Jungle DJ' at the "We Love Jungle Awards", monthly shows with Bellyman, dates lined up across the US and a tonne of b2b sets with pioneers, such as: Nicky Blackmarket, Kenny Ken and Garry K, things are working out well for Mrs Magoo!

Her unmistakeable sets, built on a foundation of smooth rolling dnb and crashing amens are liberally sprinkled with ragga and when combined with her impeccable style, both on and off the decks and her infectious energy, it’s easy to see how she’s making a mark.

But, it’s been a journey getting to where she is. 

It kicked off back way back when she was just 8 years old, borrowing tape packs from her dad; the sounds of Helter Skelter, Accelerated Culture and Sidewinder, all playing just a part of the musical influences she absorbed growing up - When coupled with the punk and rock her mum loved, gave her a solid foundation from which to draw her sound.

Come 17 years old, she was hitting her first rave – Rebirth, and soon after that was getting her hands on a pair of 1210’s, back then though her sound of choice was happy hardcore.


After a weekly internet radio show led to some bookings, Mrs Magoo found herself increasingly drawn to the sounds of jungle and dnb and by 2013 she was a certified junglist. That year saw her playing her first headline set at Jungle Nation in Aberdeen, one of Scotland’s longest running jungle nights.


Joining Deep in the Jungle Records and residencies at Jungle Splash London, Unity Edinburgh and Better Breakbeat Bureau USA have helped her carve out a name for herself.


She’s now taken things full circle; from early days listening to mixtapes - to making her own. From a bright eyed young raver taking her first tentative steps into Rebirth, to performing at Glastonbury Festival and smashing out several tours in America. 


Magoo’s just started, she’s got big plans: launching her own line of merchandise, producing her own music and many more international bookings. She’s one to keep an eye on!

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+44 (0) 7747 397 494

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