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Y-ZER is a female Drum and Bass vocalist from Kent, England who has been showcasing her music around the world since 2017.


Things are developing fast and the music just keeps flying out with festival bookings and other live shows, consistently.


She prides herself in her focus and drive, as she continues to push her boundaries and create/release music independently and also in collaboration with some of the biggest artists in the industry.

With hits with 'Mollie Collins' featured on her track "Try More", as well as tracks like "Path", you can see why she is shouting volumes.

Y-Zer has recently returned from a tour with 'Mr Traumatik' off of the back of their track "Hallucinations" - Also, with an exciting new EP on the horizon "Doing It Differently", which features the productions from 'Exile'.

These moves have got her to a number of big stage shows from: Glastonbury, Westfest and Boomtown festival, as well as across Europe.

Having been awarded for 'Best Female MC' in 2021 at the Drum and Bass Awards!

There’s a lot in store for her; as she keeps growing, spitting lyrics and making moves that any 22 year old female in a male dominated scene would be proud of.

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+44 (0) 7747 397 494

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